Ever since The Wars the world has been crawling with monsters, creeps, weirdos, and demons. Caught in the middle is Chickenface, a hopelessly hopeful kid trying to make sense of it all.

His father is an incubus doing his best to fit the mold of a 1950's TV sitcom dad and his mother is a washed up exotic dancer who has about as much motherly warmth as a dusty old tomb.

A new page of Chickenface is released every Sunday and can also be found on Tapas and Webtoon. If you like what you read and want to support it, there is a Patreon set up where I post early looks at new pages, behind the scenes sketches, exclusive videos, and even offer a chance to have your likeness drawn into the world of Chickenface!

Chickenface is written and illustrated by KJ Murr - an illustrator, animator, and teacher living in the Pacific Northwest where he spends his nights watching schlocky horror films and eating his vegetables.

You can contact him at thekjmurr@gmail.com.

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Father and brainchild.



CHICKENFACE is © KJ Murr 2009-2020. No part of this comic may be reproduced or used without written consent from its author.